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I am a historical reenactor who has spent the last 15 years working in the education sector. I am a member of the Taunton Garrison Historical Reenactment Group and their Official Historian. The Historical Reenactment Society can cater for all year groups from KS1 to KS4. We can custom design sessions and/or days around school timetables and a school's curriculum.

Be it: an archer from Agincourt, a Tudor barber-surgeon, a musketeer from the English Civil War, a rebel or redcoat from the Monmouth Rebellion or a WWI Tommy from the horrors of the Somme - we can provide your pupils with an inspiring and memory-making day!

Tailor made days - full reenactment clothing and equipment - interactive activities - lesson plans available - follow up work available - parent & teacher workshops - whole school history day planning and much more. All our sessions are fully insured and staff DBS checked.

Here's what we can do!

The Middle Ages

Stretching from the Norman invasion of 1066 to the overthrow of the King Richard III at Bosworth 1485 the Medieval period is an exciting and colourful period to reenact. 

Experience the nasty jobs the population were involved in, discover the diseases and the 'cures,' that were used. You do not want to be a patient of the dreaded barber surgeon! 

Kings and battles and barons and lords are all part of our exciting immersive days. Children can get involved in days and activities such as: build a castle, make a Medieval hat, weapons display, leather working, build a trebuchet and even play a wargame as Medieval knights and archers.


A real favourite is designing your very own family coat-of-arms!  

On Middle Ages days, the most engaged pupil will win a

painted 28mm Medieval figure. 

From Elizabeth's early days to the triumph of the Spanish Armada, from the execution of Mary Queen of Scots to Drake's voyages of discovery the Elizabethan period is awash with colourful characters and huge events.

Our Elizabethan and early Jacobean days can include topics such as: the Spanish Armada, religious strife, the adventures of Drake and Hawkins, Mary Queen of Scots, the Gunpowder plot, weapons displays, the dreaded barber surgeon and much more...

Elizabethan & Jacobean Period

English Civil Wars 

The English Civil Wars are one of the most important and destructive events in the history of these isles. Its repercussions can still be felt today as can parallels such as the proroguing of parliament.

Activities can include: weapons displays, dress a soldier, military drill for the children, the barber surgeon, camp-life, and the English Civil War Board Game. 

Talks can vary from: "Are you for King or Parliament," or, 'The Legacy of War,' or, 'The Soldier's Day.'

On English Civil War days, the pupil who has been the most engaged will win a 28mm painted ECW figure.

The Monmouth Rebellion 1685


The last pitched battle fought on English soil should be taught and remembered. Learn all about one of my favourite heroes, James Scott Duke of Monmouth. Discover how he became one of the most popular nobles in the land as well as one of our greatest soldiers. The tale of Charles II's favourite son is full of: heroism, battles, betrayal and tragedy.

The Battle of Sedgemoor and the Monmouth Rebellion are perfect subjects to study for schools in the Southwest. The repercussions of the Monmouth Rebellion led to James II's growing unpopularity which eventually led to his overthrow.


Relive the Duke of Monmouth's desperate gamble for the throne. Would you be rebel of redcoat? Weapon displays, drill and the barber surgeon on offer in this period. 

Monmouth Rebellion days can include a battle talk with

a Sedgemoor diorama.

The First World War

A live fully equipped Tommy in your classroom or on your playing fields talking about the horrors of the Great War.

What was it like to be enlisted? To go over the top? In this world changing event, the children can learn about: the causes of the First World War, the opening moves, the sea war, the air war, the war on the Eastern Front, the war in the middle east, the home front, the year of mutiny and revolution and the year of victory and despair.

Handle a Tommy's weapon and kit, try what he would have eaten day after day, hear stories of heroes and villains which bring this epic era to life.

The First World War is key to understanding the 20th and 21st centuries, a subject which teaches us lessons of the past and for the present day.

On First World War days, the pupil who has been the most engaged will win a 28mm painted WW1 figure.

Walk in a World War One trench. Live and breathe what it must have been like on the Western Front. Come and visit our specially built trench system and experience hands on the horrors and reality of trench warfare.


Try on a First World War gas mask, sit in a trench as yellow-green smoke wafts about you, peer through your goggles as your breath rattles through your mask. 


Write a letter home in a dugout, walk along duckboards, look at the enemy through a trench periscope, eat a standard Tommy's meal and 'go over the top!'

The follow up work after a visit to, 'The Trench,' will hit new highs!

The Trench - coming soon!